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Wiki-links loose their formatting

Every time I am setting a wiki-link, if I do it before other wiki-links, those that come after will loose their proper formatting. This problem has been around for quite a while, at least over here - but, again, perhaps I am doing something wrong. Here is a short screen-recording.

Any thoughts?

To avoid confusion, despite the use of the [[ trigger, these are not wiki links but ordinary Tinderbox text links, created using the ‘quick links’ method.

To clarify for other readers, what is shown is that when a text link is added via the quick link method, the text anchor of notes further below in the same $Text may get offset right.

This issue is known - I’ve certainly reported it - but I’m unsure as to the state of a full fix. I can’t trigger it in the current beta, although if I recall the problem doesn’t always occur repeatably (so it may be a case of a back-of-house timing issue). For a more authoritative answer I’d email support: info@eastgate.com

Thanks for clarifying that, Mark.

By the way, does tinderbox have Wiki-links?

As in auto-generated in-document links based on CamelCased words? It did, in the very early days, but the feature was dropped, possible because the note naming implied wasn’t the style many people liked and so used normal TB links instead.

I think using deliberate [[ ]] mark-up in $Text as a wiki-link would now cause confusion with the growing interest for using markdown in $Text intended for export.

But if you need this capability, do email Eastgate with a feature request (it helps if you include a clear use case in support of the idea).


Just for clarity, wiki-links and markdown are similar but different constructs. Wiki-links (the [[bracketed]] entry) are a simplified method to insert a hyperlink in a document, including (in some wiki software) the ability to create the linked-to document or note when the newly-inserted wiki-link is clicked. Markdown also includes a simplified method to insert a hyperlink (the [name](resource) entry). The confusion is not that markdown has superseded wiki-linking, it is that Tinderbox employs part of a wiki tag (the [[) for the “quick-link” fearture, as @mwra points out.

It is not the case that wiki-links have to employ camelCase. Wiki Media does not, for example, in this source:

'''CamelCase''' ('''camel case''', '''camel caps''' or '''medial capitals''') is the practice of writing [[Compound (linguistics)|compound words]] or phrases so that each next word or abbreviation begins with a [[capitalization|capital letter]]. CamelCase usually starts with a capital. When used in a [[programming language]], it usually starts with a lowercase letter. Common examples are [[PowerPoint]] or [[iPhone]].

Once again, thanks for clearing that up, Mark. I guess I knew the answer already, but I just find it odd (and misleading) the fact that TB maintains the “Underline Wiki-Links” checkbox in its menu.

Good point. I’d agree this UI is confusing. I think it was hoped that WikiLinks might get resurrected, but the old ones were only for CamelCase words as opposed to contemporary wiki [[ ]] link mark-up.

I’ve reported this onwards as now being surplus to requirements.

I’m having this issue fairly often, where the link anchor gets shifted - only part of the linked note name is underlined, along with several words preceding.

Perhaps, as said above, there is some kind of timing issue. I have my source files all in iCloud.

In any case, is there any easy way to fix this? For instance, is there a way to edit the raw code (I presume it’s HTML)?

No reports of this, from you or anyone else, to tech support.

I’ve see this, occassionally too, BTW. I’ve just been ignoring as there were other pressing issues. Not sure how to repeat it. WIll report it next time I see it.