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Tinderbox Training Video - Getting started and wrapping your head around attributes

Tinderbox Training Video - Getting started and wrapping your head around attributes

Level Fundamental
Published Date 12/30/20
TBX Version 8.9
Tags Tinderbox, Attributes, System Attributes, User-generated Attributes
Video Length 25:35
URL https://youtu.be/NTX0V6y-0Z0
Example File TBX - L Attributes1.tbx (118.6 KB)

In this lesson, we introduce you to the concept of attributes: what they are and how to manage them and use them. Attributes are arguably one of the most important and fundamental capabilities that Tinderbox has to offer. The key points we get across here are that every note has every attribute associated with it, regardless if the attribute is displayed or has a value. Each attribute is associated with a type, i.e. is the attribute value a string, a date, a URL, a color, a list, a set, etc. There are two types of attributes, system attributes, and user-generated attributes. There are two types of system attributes, 1) attributes Tinderbox uses to do its thing (and how are there a lot of things—we’ll get to these in future lessons), and common attributes that you’d expect to see for; for example, address, email, phone, etc. And then, there are user-generated attributes. You, as a user of Tinderbox, can create as many attributes as you’d like to help you master and manage your notes. We show you how to create and apply both system and user-generated attributed manually to notes as well as dynamically across your notes through prototypes.

Tip: Also, in this lesson, we point out how you can “tear” a popup window away so that it becomes a standalone window. This can be useful for a lot of operations, which we’ll explain later.

NOTE: Be sure to download the sample file and play with the examples in this tutorial.


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