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A Tinderbox Zettelkasten starter file

Excuse me again, I have roughly understood the operating principle, I want to continue to confirm the following:
1.Can the user manual be deleted directly?
2.What is the top-level container for demonstration purposes? What should be deleted?
3.I don’t see the container of InBox and Zettelkasten in the map view?


Hi @Ting. Yes, there is no harm in deleting the user manual. There is no single top-level container; get used to the file, then modify and delete to your content.

For this particular file, I paid no attention at all to the a map view. For my own way of working, I placed the Inbox and Zettelkastens as children under “The Zettelkasten”, which is a separator. I think this is why you don’t see them on the map.

@mwra Thank you very much. I have found that these 2 are hidden in the map view in a separator container, but I found a strange problem. The following picture is what I look like in Tinderbox9, but it is normal in Tinderbox8.

@Ting, I’m unclear as to what you are asking (also your screen-grab’s caption got truncated.

I think that is a misunderstanding. Just as map adornments are only seen in Map views, so the separator was an Outline view feature and deliberately not shown in map view (there were fewer views back then.

By original intent, separators were meant as just that: an outline affordance for dividing up content; different from adornments, obviously, but offering a similar sort of arrangement role. Separators were supposed not to allow nesting of notes (i.e. acting as containers. But, by the time it was realised they could do this, some users lobbied to keep the unintended functionality. But regarding it as ‘hidden’ will simply configure.

@mwra Sorry for my confusion, the latest question is: Using this template file, the browser view of “Personal”, “Keyword”, and “Reference” displayed by Tinderbox 8 is normal as shown in the figure. The 9 version is as shown in the figure above, and only the ranked first One is separated by a double horizontal line to highlight.

I’m sorry, I don/t have the document to hand, and you’ve only posted one screen-grab so I cant compare the two different things you describe. I might help to know what view type is active in the grab you posted. It looks like Attribute Browser view with columns enabled.

N.B.: Separators are not listed in AB view.

Now the old system and the 8 version of Tinderbox are not around, and the comparison screenshot will be uploaded later. The difference between them is the Mac system and the Tinderbox version!