How to paste a copied webpage as multilevel entries in Outline view of Tinderbox

I am trying to paste a copied webpage content into the Outline view of Tinderbox but it is pasted as a single entry. I would like to know if there is a way to paste the content as multilevel entries in the Outline view.

I have tried pasting the content directly and also tried using other tools like web extractors or text editors to extract the content and then paste it into Tinderbox, but it still pastes it as a single entry.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

For example, I copy the content of the post above and paste it directly in outline

I think what you’re looking for is explode note feature, check this explanatory video.

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Agree, Explode and then use Tab or Shift+Tab to adjust nesting of notes. The Explode isn’t designed to reproduce the source structure, not least because what’s obvious to the human eye may be less clear to the app in the data it is passed.

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Explode will most definately work in this situation; however, exactly what pattern in your actual text you’ll want to explode may be different than simply exploding on paragraphs. With Regular Express (RegEx) you can explode on nearly anything.

In our meeting a while back we went into a bit more detail on this, so this video might help:

We also reviewed this in last week’s meetup:
Tinderbox Meetup 15 JAN 2023.

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