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Ipad import from various sources

Setting up a new project that I want to be able to make notes remotely on iOS device. There seem to be many options, but I can get only a few to work: Tot, Devonthink and Watched Folder.

Using Notes may be the handiest, but when the Watch: Notes Folder induced dialog is created there are no option in the folder popup. Simplenote might even be better (because I can email from any editor to SN), but I cannot get it to work.

Are these two methods broken?

Tot works well.

Yes Notes is broken

See here and here and here, among other threads that discuss the situation. Apple broke AppleScript for Notes with Catalina and has done nothing to fix it.

Yes, Simplenote is also broken. Search here: there are other postings on this as well in this forum. Simperium (owner) blocks the integration now, and has for a few years.

For a moderate number of notes, or for notes that can later be exploded into multiple notes, Tot is a good choice. In recent days, Tot on iOS (and macOS) introduced a share extension. This increases Tot’s utility for collecting quotes, etc.

Evernote is also an option that so far has not been broken by its owner.

I’d love to be able to use Simplenote as well but it does appear to be broken and has been for some time; by an API change as far as I recall.

Simplenote is nowadays part of Automattic which is perhaps better known for Wordpress.

While I don’t use this kind of workflow, I am increasingly using Drafts for various things because of its technical prowess and connected features between iOS and macOS. You might see if this suits your needs at all. https://getdrafts.com

Yes. I use Drafts and it is extremely useful in so many ways, it would be wonderful to have an easy method to get occasional notes taken in Drafts (iOS or Mac) into Tinderbox. The MacOS version has limited AppleScript support, and the developer says that he plans to provide more.

Sounds like third-party opportunity to create a “callback-url <-> AppleScript” bridge, uniting the two methods of platform automation.

As of ver. 8.6.2, all forms of Watch (except perhaps Tot) are broken. Watch Folders is also not functioning properly, in the sense that changes to watched files are not updated in TBX. A report has been submitted to @tech and is on the bugfix list.

And the fixes are done and will be available backstage shortly.

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Yay, awesome as usual!!

It requires a simple two-step but I use Drafts Actions. I write the note in Drafts on my iPad and have an Action to send it to a DropBox folder called - imaginatively - Tinderbox Front End.

I then Watch that folder from my Tinderbox document. Works very nicely.