Markdown export

Dear All,
Does anyone know how to use markdown export instead of html export?
I am looking for a file that has example sentences written in Tinderbox.
I have been looking for the past 5 days and I can not find it.
I believe the specification for export is to be able to select “html” or “md” as the extension.
My memory is a little fuzzy, so usage may be slightly different way.
If I can export the Tinderbox file as a markdown file,
It does not matter if it is different from the sample file in my question.
I would be very grateful if you could provide me with some information.
Very truly yours, WAKAMATSU from Japan

In Tinderbox, select File->Built-In Prototypes->Markdown.
Select the note to be used as a markdown-text and set its prototype to (from the drop down list) Markdown. With the note selected go to File->Export and select “as Text”. In the new pane set top line to “text”, and second selection to “Selected Note” and press OK.
In the new window the default file name is set to “export.txt”. Change to “”, select where file is to be stored and press “Export”.
This should give you a markdown textile at that location.

Dear Gunner Larsson,
Thank you for your Information.
I got files.
Inspired by your comment I remembered the procedure and
method of export change procedure to md file.
That is Displayed in the Displayed Attributes of the Text Window.
If I change HTMLExportExtension from html to md,
even from File menu > Export > html It says that it will be exported.
Add Displayed Attributes in the HTML menu Select HTMLExportExtension
and from the pulldown I should have specified the displayed “.md”.
Very truly yours, WALKAMATSU

Hey there, a while back I did a video on this.

I realized now that the video may be addressing to much, so here is a new video I created this morning.

Dear Michael Becker,
Thanks a lot for your following.
Unfortunately, rendering is still unknown.
About rendering to fully understand your explanation I think I have to study.
I am a complete outsider on this subject.
Very truly yours, WALKAMATSU

What questions remain?

What I mean by “rendering” is that tinderbox will take your markdown and process it depending on the instruction you give it, e.g., convert x to HTML, or don’t convert x and simply pass the the plan text.

Dear Michael Becker,
Thanks a lot for your explanation.
I understand what kind of actions are performed by “rendering”.
How can I use this function “rendering” in the future? I need to study a little more.
Very truly yours, WALKAMATSU
What and how should I study to be able to use this function like you?
I would appreciate it if you could guide me.

Hmm…I’ll have to think about this. In this session, we are not actually “rendering”. We are setting the attributes and template so that the markdown is passed straight through to export without manipulating the text. The other vision explain other rendering techniques. Perhaps others can help explain or ask additional questions to help us get to a clear answer.