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Tinderbox Meetup 28AUG22 - An End-to-End Overview of Contribution

Tinderbox Meetup 28AUG22 - An End-to-End Overview of Contribution

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Published Date 8/28/22
Tags 5CKMEl, 5Cs of Knowledge Management and Exchange, Assignments, Grading, Syllabus, Teaching, Tinderbox, aTbRef
Video Length 01:59:29
Video URL Tinderbox Meetup 28AUG22 - An End-to-End Overview of Contribution - YouTube
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TBX Version 9.3
Instructor Michael Becker
Forum Post URL Tinderbox Lesson - Tinderbox for Teaching: Strategies, Tactics, and Methods For Running Your Class

In this lesson, we provide an end-to-end review of how to use Tinderbox. We start with a blank file and then go through a methodical review to show you how to: create notes, create prototypes create attributes, and start writing an article. We then show you, briefly, the publishing of an article to HTML and then converting it to MS Word using Pandoc.

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You’ll find a Tinderbox reference file for this video on the Tinderbox Forum: Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List)

A Tinderbox Reference File

You can find The Tinderbox Reference File at A Tinderbox Reference File. This is an amazing, invaluable, resource, developed by Mark Anderson, that includes an overview of every Tinderbox capability.

About Michael J. Becker

I am passionate about helping people achieve results by unleashing their creative and intellectual potential. My method: The 5Cs of Knowledge Management, a personal knowledge management system that I’ve developed, and am developing; the system incorporates a layered approach to unleashing one’s knowledge. The system meets you where you are so that you can adapt it to where you want to go.

I welcome the opportunity to connect and collaborate:
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Thank you Michael. This was an excellent review of many basic Tinderbox concepts everyone should at least understand. Make your own one at a time.

Some of my takeaways:
“If you want to do something new, you have to do something different.” Peter Drucker
Also true, by investing time in learning tinderbox, you are also learning basic and fundamental tools in computing: html, css basic coding principles such as logic, problem solving and inheritance.
Tinderbox has taught me many of these skills over the years, thanks to the program itself, aTBRef and the many and countless community members. I still have MUCH more to learn, but I am patient. I take one topic at a time, which has really helped me grow my skillset over the years. (At first I tried to do too much at one time without understanding…all it did was confuse me later on when I tried to understand what I did (or rather what someone else had done and I just copied and pasted. Wrong way). Learn what you need to RIGHT NOW and learn it well. Create your own project examples and use this new skill (one at a time), repeat.

If you are struggling with tinderbox and want to explore how to use it in a more productive way, watch this one. It’s at Bruce speed (and my speed).

Lastly, I hope we get back to the concept of Discovery in Tinderbox at a future meetup. Adding notes and creating reports are super important, but so is what happens in between. The knowledge discovery.

How do you find the nuggets in your file. Word Clouds… The Attribute Browser?, Queries?, Using NLTags, Optimizing views, Pulling your discoveries out of attributes…

Most of us probably use some or many of these methods. Although there is no one “right way” I think we all could be better at this task. (I know I can) Part of the answer is what are you trying to find. Well what if you are just trying to understand a new topic and you do not know what you want…yet. Maybe this would be more of “topic discovery” first as you incrementally learn.

How do you like to save/breadcrumb these topics? How to you incrementally save what you learned in a session to pick up later on…?

Just a few thoughts…



Thanks Tom! Your takeaways comment spurred a new post: September challenge: Share you key takeaways and learning objectives.